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  1. Event Date: 08/07/2016
    Date Submited: 07/21/2019
    Beautiful custom design for my mother's 80th birthday
    Guests loved the invitations. Jenn does great work!

  2. Event Date: 08/08/2015
    Date Submited: 07/09/2019
    Brings such elegance to your event
    I've used Variations for two events in past years and they added such a beautiful, unique touch. Really ideal for a cocktail hour even if you bring in a DJ later (which I did both times). Would highly recommend.

  3. Event Date: 08/07/2016
    Date Submited: 07/08/2019
    Beautiful place. Beautiful view.
    I've stayed here a few times when visiting the area. It's great and the setting is amazing. Rented the entire house for an upcoming reunion weekend.

  4. Event Date: 02/25/2019
    Date Submited: 07/08/2019
    Never disappoints
    This is a must-do when I'm in town. I even bring their sauce back with me to Vegas. 🙂

  5. Event Date: 08/08/2015
    Date Submited: 11/08/2018
    Fantastic caterer
    Terra Cotta has catered a number of my family's events. They always do a great job. This review was for my mother's 80th birthday.
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