Interview Questions for DJs for your next Event

Congratulations on deciding to hire a DJ to run your event. Now you’ll need to set up appointments to meet with different professionals to see who will be the best fit for your event. provides a comprehensive list of questions you’ll want to ask any potential DJ about their background and services.

1. Do you have another job? Or are you a full time DJ?
2. How many of my particular type of event have you DJ’d?
3. How long have you been a DJ?
4. How many events have you DJ’d?
5. Do you know the typical order of an event like mine?
6. How much experience do you have as a Master of Ceremonies?
7. What’s the worst thing that’s happened at an event you worked and how did you handle it?

8. Can I choose my songs ahead of time?
9. Can we provide you with a do not play list?
10. How many songs does your library consist of?
11. How many songs will you have at the event for guest requests?
12. Is there a cost to get songs not already on your list?
13. What is your request policy? (does (s)he allow them? Does he/she screen them?)
14. What songs or clips of songs do you use for the cake cutting, bridal party entrances, etc.
15. Can I provide you with a CD(s) to play?
16. Name a genre of music. What songs would you play in this genre? (See if they know different styles and especially the one you want)

17. Do you need the venue to provide anything in the way of lighting, amplifiers, etc?
18. How much room do you need?
19. Do you bring your own mics? Are they cordless?
20. What kind of equipment do you have?
21. What are your electrical requirements?
22. What kind of lighting will you provide?
23. Do you offer any guarantees about equipment performance?
24. Do you have back-up equipment available if something malfunctions?

25. What is included in your rate? (Some may charge extra for lighting, props, etc)
26. Do you charge for a consultation?
27. What is your payment policy?
28. What do you charge per hour? What the minimum number of hours required?
29. What is your overtime rate?
30. What is your cancellation policy?
31. Do you charge to be present at rehearsal?

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Written by: Brittany Schmidt

Questions You Should Ask of DJ Services
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