Patriotic Party Favor Ideas

When looking for festive and unique 4th of July or Memorial Day party favors, look no further than We’ve created a list of party favors that match the American pride and colors of red, white and blue of the holiday.

  1. Miniature American Flags – These can be found at most craft or dollar stores and kids really love them!
  2. Potted Plant or Flowers- Give your guests a small pot of red or blue flowers or a plant.
  3. Kid’s Bag of Goodies– Supply kids with mini flags, flag stickers, flag balloons, crayons, whistles, plastic jewelry and candy.
  4. Framed!- Get a blank frame and decorate it with red, white and blue colors. Create a personalized nametag or place setting for each guest by inserting their picture and writing their name. This doubles as a table decoration and favor.
  5. Simple Thank You- Favors don’t have to be complex. In fact, a heartfelt thank you note can mean more to some guests than any other thing. Throw in something patriotic like “WE WANT YOU! To come to our house next year again!” (As a play off of Uncle Sam’s iconic poster.)
  6. Sparklers- For a usable favor, give each guest a set of red and blue sparklers to light at the end of the night. What says Fourth of July more than fireworks?
  7. Firecracker- Buy each guest a mailing poster tube and decorate the outside with red, white and blue paper, ribbon and stickers. Create fake fuses with black construction paper and insert those into the plastic lid. Fill them with candy and hand them out as favors.
  8. Uncle Sam Hat– Around the holidays, you can find inexpensive Uncle Sam hats, which make great festive favors for your guests. Make sure you take pictures of your guests wearing them and impersonating Uncle Sam.

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 Written by: Brittany Schmidt

Patriotic Party Favor Ideas

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