Patriotic Party Decoration Ideas

Check out our list of star and stripes décor options for your upcoming 4th of July or Memorial Day party. Look for the following items at your local party supply store to enhance your Fourth of July or Memorial Day party.

 1)         Uncle Sam Hats

2)         Streamers

3)         Patriotic Music

4)         Confetti

5)         Patriotic Luminaries

6)         Personalized Banners

7)         Miniature Liberty Bells

8)         Decorative Garland

9)         Balloons– Mix basic colored red, white and blue with some stripe or star covered balloons. You can even find shaped balloons in the shape of stars, flags or fireworks.

10)     Table Cloths– Pick up festive colors of red, white and blue from your local party store.

11)     Miniature American Flags – They make great festive decorations for tables or get miniature flags on toothpicks to use with your food.

12)     Metallic Curtains- Create multiple spaces in your home by hanging metallic curtains. You can find these at a party supply store.

13)     String lighting– Get red, white and blue lights and string them around trees or bushes.

14)     Plastic Silverware– Use festive colors that can be bought in bulk.

15)     Statue of Liberty- Pick up a Statue of Liberty costume at your local party store and greet your guests into your party.

16)     Lighting/Tiki Lanterns- Replace light bulbs in your lamps with colored light bulbs or strobe lights to get an instant party feel. If you’re having a Hawaiian themed event, set up tiki torches, which will also help with keeping mosquitos away.

17)     Backdrop- Create your own backdrop with striped paper, balloons, streamers and ribbon. Set up an area where all of your guests can feel like movie stars and stop for pictures in front of the backdrop with flashing cameras taking your guests’ pictures.

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Written by: Brittany Schmidt

Patriotic Party Decoration Ideas

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