Homemade Prom Decorations

Make your proms a beautiful spectacle using these unique DIY prom decorations!


1) Fun with Colors- Position colored gels in front of light fixtures to display beautiful lighting color patterns! Change the gel as the night goes on; use cool blue colors during dinner, and fun red/orange colors when guests dance at the prom.

2) Holiday Lights- Have guests donate Christmas light supplies to decorate the event space. Drape them along the walls, across the ceiling, around food tables, and all over the dance floor.

3) CD/Plastic Bead Chandelier– Have students bring in old CDs and Mardi Gras beads to create a beautiful chandelier to hang above the dance floor. Using fishing line, hang the CDs from a hula-hoop, and drape the Mardi Gras beads in between CDs. This will make unique and crowd-pleasing dance event supplies.

4) Glow in the Dark Stars– Using a sharp edge, trace and cut out star shapes from cardboard. Paint over the stars using glow in the dark paint. To display the decorations, use double-sided tape to stick to walls/, or use fishing line to hang from the ceiling. To add a more glittery touch to the supply, outline the stars in silver glitter so even when the lights are on, the starts still glow!

5) Tissue Paper Garden- Using a pair of scissors, round out the corners of the tissue paper for these homemade prom supplies. Layer the tissue paper one sheet over the other. Then, indent the center of the tissue papers, folding at the middle, so the paper appears to create “petals.” Secure this fold with tape. Then, use a green pipe cleaner to poke through the center of the flower to create the stem. Finally, roll a piece of construction paper so that it looks almost like a toilet paper roll cut in half. Insert the yellow “roll” into the middle of the flower.

6) Balloon Archway- Create a DIY balloon archway by tying multiple balloons together and then shaping into a homemade arch for the entrance to the event space.


Written by Amanda Breivogel

Homemade Prom Decorations
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