Homemade and Personal Family Reunion Favors

Offering favors at family reunions is an excellent way to show loved ones you care. What they’ll love most is that you’ve taken the time to think about them and what they might like. For your next reunion, consider some of these DIY ideas, each with a personal touch that will reflect that bond among your family members.

  1. Family Scrapbooks  – Gather pictures from various years and make each unit of immediate families a scrapbook. Be sure to ask for help from all members of the family gathering pictures. If you’re very crafty, you could spend time decorating the pages with stickers and quotes. Otherwise, simply use small scrapbooks that have sleeves to hold the pictures yet don’t require decorating.
  2. Save the Date Calendars – If you’d like to incorporate pictures into the favor but don’t want to make a scrapbook, then have a calendar made! Many photo studios can allow you to decide on pictures for each month and then print several copies of the calendar for you. To personalize the calendar even further, use colored pens or markers to mark dates to remember such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other family events.
  3. Family Cookbook – You know everyone wants to get their hands on Grandma’s secret cookie recipe! With this favor, they finally can. Send out blank recipe cards to the cooks in the family and ask them to write up their favorite recipes. Copy enough recipes for everyone in the family. Laminate the cards, stack, and wrap with ribbon. You could also place the cards in a scrapbook for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Meaningful Bouquets – Use various herbs and flowers each with a meaning behind it to create a bouquet. Use marjoram for joy, parsley for festivity, or pink verbena, which signifies family togetherness. Place the bouquet in a vase personalized with the year of the reunion.
  5. Tree of Life – Use family members to compile a complete family tree. You can create the family tree on the computer or make the tree by hand.
  6. Designer Tees – These are a great take-home favor and also a great activity idea. Supply family members with plain T-shirts to decorate or ask them to bring their own. Provide fabric paints, stencils, and tie-dye kits to design the tees.

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 Written by Jessica Clark

Homemade and Personal Family Reunion Favors

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