More Unique Thanksgiving Party Favors

This article will give you even more ideas for Thanksgiving party favors! The ideas listed here are inexpensive, easy, and very fun to put together. Thank your guests for coming to your dinner party by sending them home with one of these fantastic favors!

1. Harvest Vegetables – Visit your local farmers’ market and purchase the various seasonal fruits and vegetables they have there, such as pumpkins, squash, or gourds. Decorate these vegetables with your guests’ names, and then use them as place cards at the dinner table. You can also let younger children at the party decorate their vegetables with paints or markers. Allow your guests to bring home the one with their name on it to remember the fun night.

2. Mini Recipe Books – Ask family, friends, or neighbors for some of the recipes they will be using for their Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure to get a wide assortment of dishes, including a main course, side items and desserts. Print the recipes on card stock; make sure to have enough copies for each guest. Next, punch holes in the recipe book, then tie it together with leather chord or Thanksgiving-themed ribbon. Guests can use these delicious recipes for their dinner next year!

3. Fun To-Go-Bags – One of the most fun things about Thanksgiving is the leftover food! Everyone loves munching on Thanksgiving dinner leftovers the few days following the party. Purchase containers and decorate them with Thanksgiving images, stickers or ribbon for a fun doggie bag. Let guests choose some leftovers to bring home.

4. Thanksgiving-Inspired Baked Goods – Before you start cooking for the big dinner, spend some time baking various desserts, such as sugar cookies, small pies, pumpkin, and zucchini or cranberry bread. Cut the sugar cookies into Thanksgiving-themed shapes, such as turkeys, pilgrims or other fall seasonal shapes. Allow your guests to choose one of your delicious desserts to bring home.

5. Grow Your Own Harvest – Purchase an assortment of seasonal vegetable seeds, such as corn, squash or pumpkin seeds. These can be found at your local grocery store or farmers’ market. Tie the seed packets together using Thanksgiving-themed ribbon or raffia string. Guests will have fun watching their own harvest come to life!

Make your Thanksgiving party the best it can be! Visit for more ideas for your Thanksgiving party, including decoration ideas and even more party favor ideas!

Written by Rachel Word