Fun Drinking Games to Spice Up Your Adult Birthday Party

Wondering what birthday party drinking games to play at your adult birthday party? Are you tired of using all the old drinking game ideas you used in college? Then, look no further! has some great indoor birthday party games that are creative alternatives to your average game of beer pong. These ideas are a great start to keeping your guests on their toes and, of course, drinking!

1) Don’t Break the Rules- Before your guests arrive, write on a large poster board 5 rules that all of your guests must follow for the entire night. If someone breaks any of the rules, they must take a drink. Make the rules fun and creative, and also a little hard! Some examples of rules would be no saying the word “yes” or no saying “I”. Guests will inevitably forget about the rules as the night goes on which can make for a lot of drinking.

2) Word Game– Have everyone sit around a table and then have one person say a letter. The next person must think of a word that starts with that letter and say the second letter of that word out loud. The third person must think of a word that has those first two letters and then think of a third letter. For example, the first person says “S”. The second person thinks “start”, so they say “T”. The third person has received an “ST”, so they think “store”, so they say “O” out loud. Whoever finishes the word off must take a drink. If you think that someone is just throwing out letters that don’t make sense, you can challenge them, and they have to say the word they were thinking of.  If they can’t think of any word they must take a drink. If the person can answer with a word, the challenger must take a drink.

3) The Finger Game- For this game, choose one person to be the “master” who chooses a point in the night where they secretly place their finger on the table. As people notice the master’s finger on the table, they put their finger on the table. Whoever is the last to place their finger on the table must drink and then becomes the master for the next round.

Perhaps you are looking for more games that don’t necessarily get your guests drinking? Go to to check out our article about games that will get your guests mingling.

Written by: Chelsea Jung

Fun Drinking Games to Spice Up Your Adult Birthday Party

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