Entertaining Baptism Party Games

Even though a baptism is a serious and important event in one’s walk of faith, it is a joyous occasion! Here are some games that you can use at your baptism party that are sure to have everyone smiling and laughing on this great day!

1. Picture Memory – Obtain pairs of pictures of baptism and other religious images. Cut each image into squares of the same size. Before the party, set up a table for this game. Shuffle the pictures and a set them upside down in rows. The goal is to match each pair of pictures. Instruct guests to turn over two random images at a time. Keep trying to match the images until they are all paired. You can time guests who want to play and whoever is the fastest to match all the images wins!

2. Word Scramble – Generate a list of religious words that relate to baptisms. You can print out the words and cut up the letters or use letter tiles from board games you already own. Scramble the letters and allow guests to reorder them. For a high-energy game, you can have guests race to win prizes or have this be a fun, leisurely way to fill time.

3. Water Relay – This is a fantastic game to play outdoors. Divide guests into two teams. You will need 4 large buckets, 2 empty and 2 filled with water; then set up 1 empty bucket and 1 full bucket a distance away from each other for each team. Give each team one container that they can take turns using to carry water to the empty buckets, on their head. Whichever team fills their empty bucket first wins!

4. Baptism Trivia – Divide guests who want to play into two teams. Create a list of questions about baptism or various religious themes. Have the questions vary from easy to hard. Alternate between asking the two teams these questions. Award one point for every question the team answers correctly. The team who answers 10 questions correctly wins! Award prizes to the winning team.

5. Toilet Paper Baptism Gowns – You will need several packages of toilet paper for this fun game. At the party, place your guests in groups of two and give each pair four rolls of toilet paper. Next, have your guests create a baptism/christening gown for one person in the team using only tape and toilet paper they were given. One option is to give the teams a time limit; this will make the game even more exciting as guests scramble to complete their baptism gowns. Have all the guests at the party vote on their favorite gown, then award prizes to the winners. Send your guests home with fun, silly pictures to remember this special event.

6. Baby Ping-Pong Ball Roll – This game would be terrific for a baby’s christening. For this game, obtain several ping-pong balls. Guests will race while crawling on their hands and knees and pushing the ping-pong ball with their noses. Whoever can push the ball all the way across the room first wins!

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Written by Rachel Word

Entertaining Baptism Party Games

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