Diaper Themed Games for Bridal Showers

The mom-to-be will soon become a diaper expert, so EasyEventPlanning.com wants to help you give her some training before she has to deal with diapers day and night. Here, is a list of fun diaper games you can play at her baby shower.

  1. Blind Diaper Relay- Break the group up into large groups of around 3-6 women. Each team must create a lineup of their members and they take turns putting a diaper on a baby doll while blindfolded. Once the first person diapers the baby, they pass the baby to the next team member who must take the diaper off the baby and put a new one on, while blindfolded of course!
  2. One Handed Diaper– Split your guests up into pairs and ask them to put a cloth diaper on a baby doll only using only one hand each. The fastest and most accurate pair wins.
  3. Diaper Messages– As guests arrive to the shower, ask them to use a marker and write on the front of a few diapers for messages to mom and dad. After all of the guests have written on them, place them throughout boxes of plain diapers and give them to the expectant mother to take home. Make them funny so it’s a little treat for mom or dad when they have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the baby. Examples would be “But aren’t I so cute?”, “Why do you look so tired, it’s only 3 AM!” or “I tried to warn you I didn’t like that food when you were feeding it to me!”
  4. What’s That Smell?!– Buy a dozen of the smelliest items you can think of and place them in a disposable diaper. Some of the best ones include hard boiled eggs, salad dressings, beer, chili paste and old beer! Ask all of your guests to pass around the diapers and record what they think the smell is. Whoever guesses the most correct wins.
  5. Diaper Reserve– Pick up a festive pink or blue (or neutral color if you don’t know the gender of the baby) piggy bank and bring it to the shower. Go around the room and have each guest name something they’ve never done but always wanted to. If someone in the group has done that, she must add money to the piggy bank. After the game ends, all the money goes to the mom for a diaper fund.
  6. Diaper Pass– Just like hot potato, pass around a dirty diaper (one with melted chocolate works great!). Have a DJ who will play music and stop it at random times. Whoever is holding the dirty diaper when the music stops is out.
Diaper Themed Games for Bridal Showers

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