A 10th Anniversary Party is a fantastic way to celebrate a monumental accomplishment in a relationship. Below are some decoration ideas to help make your party unique!

  • Flowers – Daffodils are the traditional flower for10th Anniversaries. You can decorate the party with daffodils in holders, or by placing the flower on a dinner plate.
  • Color Palette – Choose a palette that goes along with the year of the anniversary. The tradition for 10th Wedding Anniversaries is tin and aluminum, so you can use silver, white, or black. For example, you can use silver sashes on the chairs, or black tablecloths, and silver picture frames.
  • Moment to Remember – Theme the party around a particular moment that is memorable to the couple. Some ideas can include their first date or honeymoon.
  • Ice Decor – Sculptures of the number “ten” or even iced sculptures of containers will be a standout decoration. You can even fill the container with flowers from the bride’s bouquet.
  • Traditional Materials – Like we said, tin and aluminum are the tradition for 10th Wedding Anniversary’s, so try and use these when you are decorating. Tin or aluminum can be used for luminary options, as well as wall sconces. They can also be used as holders for flowers and candles.
  • Relevant Times and Places – Base the party off of a relevant time in the couple’s life that is important to them. Options include the month/season of the wedding, and the place of the ceremony.
  • Well-Known Couples – An original idea would be decorating the party with the theme of “Great/Famous Couples in History”. Include photos of the couples that are well-known from the last ten years.
  • The Big Day – Bring out old decorations, pictures, and videos from the original “Big Day” to help the couple remember their Wedding Day.


Written by Shannyn Apolaro

Decoration Tips for Your 10th Anniversary Party

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