Baby Shower Room Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Looking to save money on baby shower room decorations or just a do-it-yourselfer? Then, has the list for you! Check out this list of do-it-yourself decorations that can transform any room into a baby shower room.

  1. Baby Christmas Tree – For a focal point in the room, buy a small Christmas tree, blue or pink lights and blue or pink garland to set up a baby tree. Ask all of your guests to bring an item to hang on the tree for the baby. Some great “ornaments” would be pacifiers, bibs, shoes, socks and rattles.
  2. Clothes Line Onesies – Decorate the room by hanging a white rope across the room with wooden clothespins holding up onesies you’ve received for the baby. Add to the clothesline once you receive outfits at the shower, putting these outfits on display for everyone to see.
  3. Hanging Heart – Mark the front door of where the baby shower is taking place with a very easy to make hanging heart. Simply cutout a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and add a ribbon to the back.
  4. Diaper Building Blocks – Mimic traditional building blocks by creating your own with solid colored wrapped diaper packages. Then, use a marker to draw a big letter on the side of the “block” and set them around the room.
  5. Baby Shower Wreath – This idea doubles as décor and is a practical gift too! Using a wire hanger as the wreath’s base, wrap rubber bands around the diapers attaching them to the unfolded hanger. Decorate the wreath, with extra baby essentials, such as pacifiers and little socks.
  6. Display Blanket – If Mommy-to-be has received a special baby blanket already, or plans to use a blanket that she was brought home from the hospital in, display it in the room for everyone to see and admire.
  7. Balloons/Balloon animals – Hold a strand of balloons on the floor by using a stuffed animal toy for the baby. If you want to make balloon animals, use regular balloons and then decorate them by taping on legs, arms, ears, tails and faces made of tissue paper.

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Written by: Brittany Schmidt

Baby Shower Room Decorations You Can Make Yourself

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